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Bullet In The Chamber
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It's   her   first   day   on   the   job   as   the   newest   White   House   correspondent   for   the   Associated   Press   and   Lark Chadwick   feels   she's   in   way   over   her   head.   Unfortunately   for   Lark,   it's   an   opinion   shared   by   her   immediate supervisor - and nemesis - Rochelle Grigsby. But   Grigsby's   been   overruled   by   the   higher-ups   at   A.P.,   so   she's   decided   to   prove   them   wrong   by   tripping   up Lark   at   every   turn.   Grigsby   assigns   Lark   to   the   highly-coveted   and   prestigious   front­row   center   seat   in   the briefing   room,   knowing   full   well   it   will   provoke   a   confrontation   between   Lark   and   the   A.P.s   long-time   and legendary White House correspondent Stallings Ridgeway. Grigsby's   plan   works   better   than   expected.   The   confrontation   between   Lark   and   Ridgeway   plays   out   on   live television    just    as    newly-elected    President    Will    Gannon    enters    the    briefing    room    to    announce    his administration's   policy   on   the   commercialization   of   drones. An   embarrassed   Lark   scuttles   in   shame   to   the   back of the briefing room. Suddenly   Secret   Service   agents   swarm   into   the   room,   whisk   the   president   away,   and   order   everyone   out   of   the building and off the White House grounds. Lark's formidable on-deadline reporting skills kick in. As   Lark   and   her   boyfriend, A.P.   White   House   photographer   Doug   Mitchell,   are   herded   out   of   the   briefmg   room, Lark   calls   the   national   desk   at A.P.   headquarters   in   New York   to   report   the   evacuation.   She's   thrust   onto   the   air and   is   doing   live,   breaking-news   comment­ary   for A.P.   Radio   when   a   deafening   explosion   destroys   the   briefing room. The   president   is   missing.   The   first   lady's   life   is   in   danger.   Lark's   boyfriend   Doug   Mitchell   goes   missing.   And, during the next few tense days, it's Lark's job to sort it all out. In   Bullet   in   the   Chamber,   author,   former   White   House   correspondent,   and   long   time   CNN   editor   John   DeDakis takes   readers   behind   the   scenes   of   a   reporter's   deadline-a­minute   life   with   a   taut   and   twisty   thriller   about drones, drugs, and journ­alism.
About The Author John   DeDakis   is   a   former   Senior   Copy   Editor   on   CNN's   The   Situation   Room   with   Wolf   Blitzer   and   the   author   of three   novels,   Fast   Track,   Bluff,   and   Troubled   Water   -   all   part   of   his   Lark   Chadwick   mystery-suspense   series. During   John's   nearly   45-year,   award   winning   career   in   journalism   (25   years   at   CNN),   he   has   been   a   White House   Correspondent   and   interviewed   such   luminaries   as Alfred   Hitchcock,   Jimmy   Carter,   and   Ronald   Reagan. John   edits   book-length   manuscripts   and   has   taught   journalism   at   The   University   of   Maryland-College   Park   and American University in Washington D.C. He's also led writing workshops throughout the U.S. and abroad.