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Against the Tide
The Turbulent Times of a Black Entrepreneur
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Against   the   Tide   is   a   true   story   that   captures   the   fear   and   hardships   faced   by African Americans   during   a   disturbing   time   in American history - the post-Reconstruction period that led to the introduction   of   Jim   Crow   laws. Through   hard   work   and   determination,   Hansford   C.   Bayton   would   rise   from   humble   beginnings   to   become   the   captain   and   owner of   five   ex c ursion   and   mail   delivery   steamboats   that   plied   the   Rappahannock   River   during   the   late   1800s   and   early   1900s. Unusual   for   an   African   American,   he   would   acquire   wealth   and   the   respect   of   both   blacks   and   whites .   Ne v ertheless,      his   boats     were burned one by one. But with each malicious burning , and with lynchings on the rise , he would build again. This   book   illuminates   a   time   in American   h i story   when   the   surge   of   progress   made   by   freedmen   was   sharply   curtailed   through   the enactment   of   segregation   laws   and   the   activities   of   the   Ku   Klux   Klan .   As   a   result   Hansford   C.   Bayton   died   poor,   but   his   story   is one   of   dignified   courage   and      determination   when   faced   with   overwhelming   odds.   Truly,   he   was   a   man   who      swam   against   the     tide. About the Author Julie   Sullivan   is   a   passionate   advocate   for   improved   access   to   education   for   children   in Africa. As   president   of   a   small not-for-profit   organization,   she   sent   over   1,000   volunteer   educators   overseas   to   address   issues   of   poverty   and   inequity through   education. Julie has a doctorate in international development  from Tulane University and she lives     in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband,   Alan. What People Are Saying Against   the   Tide   by   Julie   Sullivan   is   a   wonderful   read   about   the   will   and   drive   of   herfamily   in   the   1900s   at   the   height   of reconstruction   and   Jim   Crow   America  It   is   a   book   that   each   of   us   should   take   the   time      to      read.      This   book   gives      us      a      look     into      th e   racist   past      and      what      i t      took   for    determined families     to    be    successful,    This    wa s    a    t i me    when    there    w erefew   op ti onsfor    blackpeople    i n   Amer i ca.   I salute   Miss   Sullivan   for   her   co u rage   to   speak   truth   topower   and   to   t ell   the   story   that would shame many American people toda y .   Bravo!  - Caliph Shaquel,   Director   of   the   Documentar y ,   " What   Happened   to   Kendrick   Johnson ? " *** Often   the   story   of   the   South   is   either   misinterpreted   o r   misunderstood.   JH   Sulli v an   has   w r itt e n   an   engrossing   history   about   her African American great gra n dfather that i lluminates ap  eri  od   of history we all should strive to know   better.   - Eamon   M.   Kelly,   P r esident   Emeritus   of   Tulane   University