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Assata Shakur
A 2oth Century Escaped Slave
In   May   1973, Assata   Olugbala   Shakur   was   involved   in   a   shootout   on   the   New   Jersey Turnpike   in   which   she   was accused   of   killing   New   Jersey   State   Trooper   Werner   Foerster   and   assaulting   Trooper   James   Harper.   This resulted   in   her   indictment   of   first-degree   murder   of   Foerster   and   seven   other   felonies   related   to   the   shootout. But   this   wasn’t   her   first   indictment.   A   member   of   the   Black   Panther   Party,   she   became   a   prime   target   of   the Federal   Bureau   of   Investigation’s   Counterintelligence   Program.   When   she   joined   the   Black   Liberation Army   and went   into   hiding,   between   1973   and   1977   she   was   placed   on   the   FBI’s   Most   Wanted   List   for   three   bank robberies,   the   kidnapping   and   murder   of   two   drug   dealers,   and   the   attempted   murder   of   two   New   Jersey   police officers. During   the   next   four   years   following   the   New   Jersey   Turnpike   incident,   Shakur   was   held   in   detention   as   the trials   for   the   indictments   brought   while   she   was   underground   either   ended   in   acquittal   or   were   dropped   because of   lack   of   evidence.   While   in   prison,   she   became   pregnant   by   Kamau   Sadiki,   her   codefendant   during   her   New York   bank   robbery   trial,   and   gave   birth   to   a   daughter   in   1974.   Shakur’s   imprisonment   and   what   many   of   her supporters believed was a false arrest brought international attention to her plight as a political prisoner. In   March   1977   Assata   Shakur   was   convicted   of   murdering   state   trooper   Werner   Forrester   and   was   imprisoned at   the   maximum   security   prison   for   women   in   Alderson,   West   Virginia.   Two   years   later   she   broke   out   of   the maximum-security   wing   of   Clinton   Correctional   Facility   in   New   Jersey,   pistol   in   hand,   as   she   and   three   cohorts sped   out   of   the   prison   grounds.   In   1984   she   was   granted   political   asylum   in   Cuba   where   she   has   lived   ever since.   On   May   2,   2013,   the   FBI   added   her   to   the   Most   Wanted Terrorist   List,   the   first   woman   to   be   listed . Assata Shakur: A 20th Century Escaped Slave  is the story of Assata Shakur, before she became a fugitive and since. “My   name   is Assata   Shakur,   and   I   am   a   20th   century   escaped   slave.   Because   of   government   persecution,   I   was left   with   no   other   choice   than   to   flee   from   the   political   repression,   racism   and   violence   that   dominate   the   US government’s   policy   towards   people   of   color.   I   am   an   ex-political   prisoner,   and   I   have   been   living   in   exile   in Cuba since 1984.” In   spite   of   numerous   appeals   from   the   US   Government   for   her   extradition   from   Cuba   where   she   now   lives, Assata Shakur c ontinues to be a voice throughout the world.
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Barbara   Casey   is   the   author   of   several   award-winning   novels   and   numerous   articles,   poems,   and   short   stories.     In   addition   to   her   own   writing,   she   is   an   editorial   consultant   and   president   of   the   Barbara   Casey   Agency, established   in   1995,   representing   authors   throughout   the   United   States,   Great   Britain,   Canada,   and   Japan.   In 2014   Barbara   became   a   partner   in   Strategic   Media   Books   Publishing,   an   independent   publishing   house   that specializes   in   true   crime   and   other   cutting-edge   adult   nonfiction.   Barbara   lives   on   a   mountain   in   Georgia   with her husband and three dogs: Benton, a hound-mix, Fitz, a miniature dachshund, and  Gert, a terrier-mix.
A 20th Century Escaped Slave A 20th Century Escaped Slave
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