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Crazy Charlie
Carlos Lehder, Revolutionary or Neo Nazi
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Carlos   Lehder   is   one   of   the   most   important   and   fascinating   individuals   in   the   history   of   drug   trafficking   and   the   U.S.   War   on   Drugs. Lehder   was   the   drug   kingpin   who   developed   the   transportation   system   that   helped   flood   the   flood   the   U.S.   with   drugs   from   Latin America. This is the first biography of Lehder in English. About The Author A   native   of   Thunder   Bay,   Canada,   Ron   Chepesiuk   is   a   Rock   Hill,   SC-based   award-winning   author   of   more   than   36   books   and 4,000   plus   articles   and   a   Fulbright   Scholar,   screenwriter,   documentary   producer   and   director,   publisher,   the   radio   host   of   the   Crime Beat   radio   show   ( ),   a   consultant   to   the   History   Channel’s   Gangland   TV   series   and   a   regular interviewee   on   U.S.   cable   TV   crime   shows.   Three   of   his   books   have   been   optioned   for   movies   and   the   Discovery   Channel   has licensed his documentary, The Frank Matthews Story. What People Are Saying Ron   Chepesiuk   nails   it   with   his   fascinating   biography   of   Carlos   Lehder,   one      of   the   most   infamous   figures   in   the   history   of   drug trafficking   --   and   a   man   responsible   for   countless   deaths   and   ruined   lives.   Telling   an   incredible   story,   Chepesiuk's   painstaking investigation   reveals   nugget   after   nugget   about   the   enigmatic   but   charismatic   drug   lord,   and   this   riveting   book   is   a   page-turning read. Highly recommended.       ~ Elliot Goldenberg, author of Spy of David *** Once   again,   Ron   Chepesiuk   opens   up   the   world   of   gangsters   to   his   readers   in   a   style   that   is   rich   both   in   historical   facts   and entertainment.      Crazy   Charlie:      Carlos   Lehder,   Revolutionary   or   Neo   Nazi   is   a   book   not   to   be   missed   by   either   the   casual   reader   or the aficionado of the Prohibition era. ~ Barbara Casey, Author of Kathryn Kelly: The Moll behind Machine Gun Kelly; The Gospel According to Prissy *** Crazy   Charlie    is   an   interesting   look   at   the   excitement   and   danger   of   the   drug   world   and   many   of   the   major   players   in   the   billion dollar   cocaine   business   at   the   end   of   the   20th   century.   This   book   does   for   the   reader   the   same   thing   that   George   Jung   does   for Carlos   Lehder   in   the   drug   transportation   business.   It   will   take   a   person   who   knows   nothing   about   drugs   and   give   a   solid   education on the very people who doped up most American cities. Crazy Charlie is a terrific read. ~ Caliph Shaquel, director of documentary on Kendrick Johnson and author of biography on Nat Turner