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Spook War
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Print Version: USD $ 18.95
 A Memoir From The Trenches
Spook War gives a glimpse and a tour into the primary and collateral events triggered when the Reagan Administration abruptly shifted three decades of American foreign policy to favor the interests of the Arab States to the detriment of our traditional Middle East allies, the Israelis. Have you ever wondered about the real story behind the blaring headlines of that era? Count Alexandre de Marenches, longtime chief of the Service de Documentation Exterieure de Contre-Espionnage, the primary Intelligence Agency of France, described it as two sorts of history... the known and the unknown. This book describes some of those unknowns. Welcome to the Spook War. About the Author William Northrop, is an American-born Israeli, a former intelligence officer, military historian, investigator and writer. He is best known for his key role in the so-called Passover Plot, often acknowledged as the trigger of the Iran-Contra Scandal in 1986. He is a prolific writer and has written articles over the years for such diverse venues as Penthouse, New Dimensions, The Jerusalem Post, and Recall.
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