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Gangsters of Boston

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Print Version: USD $ 18.95
The first comprehensive account of three centuries of thug life in the city where America began
In chilling new detail, veteran Boston journalist George Hassett reveals the legendary crime stories of Boston – from Prohibition to the Mafia, the Irish Gang War to Whitey Bulger. The forgotten chapters of Boston gang history are also covered – from the role of street gangs in the American Revolution to Chinatown’s infamous Tong Wars to the murder of number king Daddy Black – it’s all here. Every neighborhood, every era, every gangster. Through crime scene photos, mugshots and newly uncovered police documents, Gangsters of Boston tells the incredible story of the city’s underworld. With over fifty pictures and crisply told tales of thieves, kingpins, vicious street gangs and corrupt cops, be prepared to see the Athens of America in a new light. This is a brutal Boston of warring gangs, hitmen and paranoid mob bosses. Dive bars, fugitive hideouts and mob dens populate this world and Gangsters of Boston is a first class tour. Also featured: o Detroit Red (Malcolm X) o The Winter Hill Gang o Joe Kennedy o Corrupt FBI and Boston Police o King Solomon o Gennaro Angiulo o Larry Zanino o The Flemmi Brothers o Campbell Brothers o Darryl (God) Whiting o Charlestown: Armored Car Robbery Capital o Code of Silence o Stop Snitching o Intervale Street Posse o Franklin Hill Giants o Tony Johnson o Corbet Street Crew What People Are Saying “Hassett brings literary credibility to a genre that is often literarily underwhelming.” ~ Boston Phoenix
PDF Version: USD $ 4.99