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Diary of a Motor City Hit Man
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February, 1975 - A case began to unfold like nothing the quaint Detroit suburban area of Orchard Lake had ever seen. In the hours following a near head-on collision between a mysterious sedan and an on-duty patrolman, the frightening truth behind the speeding car’s driver would be discovered. The vehicle was littered with weapons, drugs, and cash, yet these items weren’t even the beginning. The most menacing item law enforcement could imagine was made of paper. Found in Chester Wheeler Campbell’s possession was a set of meticulously detailed assassin’s notebooks – containing the names of unsolved murder victims and a list of planned targets. It was a time when outlandish courtroom drama, gangland executions, corruption investigations, and scandals were all part of the twisted world where a Motor City Hitman could thrive. This is the true tale not only of a murderer for hire, but also the parallel people and occurrences that helped warp a stressed socio-economic landscape of Detroit into a drug fueled organized crime controlled underworld.
The Chester Wheeler Campbell Story
PDF Version: USD $ 4.99