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Spy of David
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The Strange Case of Jonathan Pollard and the Two Decade Battle to Win his Freedom Winston   Churchill’s   description   of   Stalinist   Russia   in   1939   –   he   called   it   a   riddle,   wrapped   in   a   mystery,   inside   an   enigma –   easily   could   have   been   said   about   the   case   of   Jonathan   Jay   Pollard,   the   U.S.   Naval   Intelligence   analyst   who,   in   March of   1987,   received   a   mystifying   life   sentence   for   passing   classified   secrets   to   an American   ally,   Israel.   Now,   twenty-seven years later, the debate over America’s most controversial spy has apparently once again been rekindled. Spy   of   David    is   an   attempt   to   shed   a   bright   light   over   a   dark   stain   on   both   the   American   judicial   system   and   our intelligence   community,   while,   at   the   same   time,   solve   a   decades   old   puzzle   –   knowing   that,   for   way   too   long,   the   truth surrounding this most gut-wrenching spy case has remained hidden, blurred and obscured.

About the Author

Elliot   Goldenberg   is   the   author   of   The   Hunting   Horse    and   The   Spy   Who   Knew   Too   Much .   He   has   written   thousands   of published   articles   and   has   interviewed   dozens   of   national   and   world   leaders;   has   cultivated   numerous   contacts   in   the intelligence    community.    He    has    received    many    prestigious    awards,    including    the    Florida    Press    Club    Award,    for Investigative   Reporting   and   the   national   Simon   Rockower   Award,   also   for   Investigative   Reporting.   Eliot   is   a   public speaker who has often appeared on radio and TV, including CNN.
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