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The White Boy Confessions
The Explosive Story of Marcus Valdespino and San Antonio’s Hood The   White   Boy   Confessions    is   the   powerful   autobiography   of   Marcus   Valdespino   and   deals   with   gang   life   and violence   in   San Antonio   and   such   controversial   subjects   as   race   relations,   poverty,   and   interracial   crime.   The   first 29   years   of   Valdespino’s   were   compelling   and   tragic.   He   witnessed   his   father’s   drug   dealing   to   high   profile   people and Marcus, unfortunately, followed in his footsteps. Valdespino’s story shows the worst of humanity and is chilling in   its   depiction   of   sex   and   violence   and   heartfelt,   poignant   and   sad   in   its   betrayal   of   the   rite   of   passage   of   a   young person growing up in this world. The   White   Boys   Confessions    is   also   extremely   powerful   in   its   social   and   political   commentary.   There   are   several layers of the story contained within it that are both frightening and humorous. All of Valdespino’s story – the bad and the ugly – is in... The White Boy Confessions. It is a story of not just survival, but also redemption.
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